Friday, 1 August 2008

Sky Watch Friday

For this week's Sky Watch, I'm going back just about four years to some photos I took with my then very new camera. These were taken over Cardiff Bay from our front window, during the Cardiff Harbour Festival (if I remember rightly). I'll admit to being useless with planes, I'd have to rely on my father or my other half for identifying these, and although other half did have something to say about them at the time, I can't remember what that was... I just thought it was an unusual sight to see from your sitting room, and grabbed the camera - I pretty much forgotten I had these, until Picasa decided to organise my photos for me!

For more skies, visit Sky Watch Friday. By the way, I won't be participating next week, as I'll be away and won't have time to find a suitable photo before I go. See you in two weeks!