Wednesday, 25 June 2008

ABC Wednesday

ABC Wednesday again, and this time it's W for Wind - I've tried to capture that rather tricky subject by using a tree across the road from our house last weekend.

In case that didn't come out the way I wanted, I also decided to take a picture representing Wednesday as illustrated by my desk calendar! I love this calendar, as I get a different pair of shoes each and every day!

For more W photos, go to Mrs Nesbitt's Place.


Dragonstar said...

That tree came out windy enough, and that's a great looking calender - very suitable for you!

Anonymous said...

You are the only other one with Wind... if you pardon the inference.
It's dem shoes again.

Powell River Books said...

Wind can be a trick thing. Click here to see what it did to the trees across from our cabin during a fall storm. Give me rain, snow or hail. It's the wind that I hate.

I invite you to visit my W is for Woodpecker contribution for this week's theme. -- Margy

Bear Naked said...

What a great calendar.
A different pair of shoes every day.
That is 52 WEEKS of shoes.

Diana said...

good photo catching the wind. and of course, Wednesday, why didn't I think of that. cute calendar !

reader Wil said...

I could see the wind in the willows! Good choice!

John said...

Nice shots and choices for the letter.