Friday, 18 July 2008

Sky Watch Friday

For my first contribution to the new look Sky Watch, I'm using a photo taken one evening earlier in the week, facing north-north-east from just outside our front door. I took this one as a back-up in case I was unable to get a better one (I'd expected to be in Ireland by now, so had intended to post it much earlier in the week, which I thought might cause me problems getting another photo), and as it turned out, it was the only one I've been able to take. This is partly due to the weather (right now, the sky is a uniform grey - very uninteresting to look at) but also because for some time I've had the intention of taking my camera for walks at the weekend to get some more varied shots - unfortunately, that plan has gone out of the window, at least for now, as damaged ligaments in my foot are currently preventing me from walking any distance. For now, I'm going to have to make do with what I can get from outside the house!

For a wider variety of skies, visit the new Sky Watch page.


Dragonstar said...

Lovely sky Viv. I hope your foot improves - though I know it could take some time. Take care.

Aileni said...

You were wise to grab the shot while you could. It's a good one.
Yes, look after the foot.

Pretty Life Online said...

Perfect catch for SWF! Mine's up too hope you can drop by... Happy weekend!

Old Wom Tigley said...

Thanks for joining us all over here.. hope you have a great Sky watch.. and forthcoming weekend..


Dulce said...

I would prefer to go to each one of you and leave a personal comment, but unfortunately or perhaps not, each week there are more of us participating. People of every corner of the world joined in a unique will – to see and share sky watch.
So, this week in order to leave a comment in the most blogs, I had to write a single message to all of you.
One thing I must say: I did really see your skies and enjoyed them all.
See you next week! :-)

SandyCarlson said...

Welcome to Skywatch! This is a lovely view.

bukester said...

Lovely sky. more please!

imac said...

Great sky Enjoy Ireland and hope your foot soon gets better.

The Team thanks you for posting at SW and helping to make this new venture a success.

Louise said...

That's quite a pretty sky. Hope your ligaments improve. Have the same problem right now, and it's not much fun.