Tuesday, 6 September 2011

My new camera

I recently bought a new camera, as the existing ones aren't capable of the things I want to do.  The new one is also a Fujifilm, but this time it's an HS 20 EXR "bridge" camera.  I haven't come close to fully exploring everything it can do yet, but so far I love it.


Dragonstar said...

WOW!!! That's gorgeous! Looked at the link, and I'm drooling over the 1cm macro. You're going to love that camera.

Little Baby Nothing said...

I know, the macro was a big factor for me! I read a lot of reviews before buying it and they basically said that it's better than a DSLR in the same price range and not as complex so it seemed like a good option. I also like that there's a white balance button on the side of the camera so you can change it easily without going into menus etc and it's got a custom feature so you can set it yourself using a piece of white paper. Love it already!