Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Back to basics

Well last night, in an attempt to rediscover the urge to make stuff, I started just about the simplest project possible. Using all my cheap acrylic yarn that came in kits with magazines, I'm making a giant granny square for a car blanket. No, the car isn't cold, it's me that needs the blanket when I'm in the car! When we're travelling home late at night from ice hockey games or gigs, my legs often get chilly and I don't really want the air con on as then my head just gets roasted, so really a nice cheap blanket that I can sling in the washing machine when necessary is the perfect answer. And it'll let me use up all the dodgy free yarn that, even if I make the projects intended by the magazine, probably would not be made in the specified yarn. So hopefully in the near future (or by next winter, anyway) I'll have a nice big multicoloured blankie for travelling, and in the meantime I have a nice, easy project that requires little concentration and no pattern and is thus ideal for my current, brain-cell free, condition.


jonalsharp said...

this great pleasure for me to read your last night project which is simplest. Some times this type ideas comes form my mind. This is very interesting experience for you. We can learn from your experience.

hats for baby

Dragonstar said...

That's a good idea! It's the sort of thing you can do in your sleep, and it will be useful too. Good luck with it.