Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Ribbit ribbit

Instead of knitting, lately I seem to have been mainly frogging!

First up was my Hypernova, which I started in January 2011.  I don't know why, but I just wasn't loving it as I should have, even though I bought a skein of Wollmeise Lacegarn in Rosenrot specially for it.  Perhaps it was making a few mistakes early on, perhaps it was getting sidetracked with other projects, but eventually I looked at it and realised I was never going to finish it.  Since January 2011 I've mysteriously managed to acquire, um, "some" more WM Lacegarn and on a number of occasions have thought how much more I'd like Hypernova in one of the other colours.  Equally, Rosenrot has other potential.  So I frogged - quite liberating!  This was a badly overexposed picture taken with flash, that makes the Rosenrot look neon.

A harder decision was my Glows, started way back in August 2010 with one of my very first skeins of Wollmeise, obtained at Knit Nation.  I "only" bought three skeins, and they were all highly variegated multis.  Having never knitted with multis before, I had no clue about pattern selection and having fallen in love with Julia Mueller's designs that were displayed on the Wollmeise stand, I wanted to knit one of her patterns.  I picked Glows and it was going swimmingly on the cuff section, but when I got to the intricate cables I knew doubt.  A lot of doubt.  I even resorted to asking my OH if he thought the colour was too much for the pattern - I don't think he really understood what I was asking, and I think he felt (bless him) that he was supposed to validate my choices and said that it looked great.  I persevered, with this nagging doubt at the back of my mind, until I got to the start of the thumb, at which point I put it down in favour of other things and never picked it up again.  It seemed clear what needed to be done, but the amount of work that had gone into getting that far put me off.  I agonised for some time and eventually took a deep breath, pulled the needles out and ripripripped - the Johannesbeer und Brennessel will find a happier home in something like one of Martina Behm's lovely patterns, and I can find another, semisolid, yarn for the Glows which will work much better.


Dragonstar said...

Oh, painful! Brave, too. Somehow though, once the needles are out and you know you've no choice, things start to feel better. It's no good knitting the wrong pattern for the yarn (or using the wrong yarn for the pattern) when you won't be happy with the result.

Little Baby Nothing said...

That's exactly what finally pushed me to do the deed - knowing I'd forever look at the finished (if it ever got finished) item with regret. These patterns and yarns are too lovely to waste like that.