Monday, 26 October 2009

Assignment 2

I'm running quite a long way behind, so trying to catch up before my first computer marked assignment.

Assignment 2 was to take "pictures of someone, somewhere or something that you really like".  I chose knitting as being one of my favourite activities, and decided to use some of my stash to experiment with colour and texture.  For one photo, we also had to "boldly crop the image in an interesting way", so the last photo in this sequence is my attempt at interesting cropping.


Dragonstar said...

You've great contrasts of colour and texture in the first few, and I love the swirl pattern in the cropped photo.
Are you having fun?

Aileni said...

And you can see how well it worked - really stands out.

Little Baby Nothing said...

I am having fun, didn't much like these photos though, I wasn't feeling very inspired and I think it shows. The cropped one, which I thought was going to be the hardest one to do, was actually the best I think.