Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Assignment 3

This was the brief for Assignment 3:

"Capture and share two well exposed images from at least two of the following categories of varied and challenging lighting conditions:

Creative motion blur in low or normal light conditions (e.g. walking, cycling, cars, sugar falling from a spoon, running water, car lights after dark). For this task you will need to steady your camera by either resting it on something or using a tripod. Avoid camera shake.

Low light, high speed (high ISO) still photography (e.g. moonlight, street lights). This can be hand-held if the shutter speed is fast enough or using a tripod or other camera support as appropriate. Avoid camera shake.

High contrast photography (bright indoor lights, or bright daylight, or highly reflective subjects)."

This is my attempt:

I'm reasonably pleased with the first one, which does have motion blur and I think is ok as far as exposure goes, but the second one isn't particularly well exposed.  Not sure why apart from the ISO settings on my camera only go up to 800 - I do find balancing shutter and aperture tricky for high speed photography so it may be that.

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Dragonstar said...

I'm not qualified to comment on the second one - probably Aileni will have ideas.
I love the way you have so much movement in the first one, but the background is sharp and clear.